Some women who are pregnant may decide that adoption is the best option for their unborn child. If this is the case, Family United Network, Inc. staff will be with you every step of the way. We will help you develop an adoption plan with which you feel comfortable. The first step to receive help is to call us at 1-800-722-0136.


“I was 15 and I picked the great family for my daughter”
"My name is Jane and I was 14 when I became pregnant. Unfortunately I was embarrassed and scared and didn’t tell my friends and family until a week before I delivered. My mother helped me contact the agency and make an adoption plan at the hospital. I was able to learn about multiple families and felt very happy to select a family to interview. The family came to the hospital to meet me and after talking with them I knew I had made the right choice. They were perfect.

My daughter’s adoptive family sends me photos and a letter to share how well my daughter is growing and developing. Someday, when the time is right I hope to be able to meet the family again and my daughter. But for now I am finishing high school and moving forward in my life. I love the photos and letters and continue to feel positive about the loving decision that I made."

“I was homeless and unable to parent but made the best choice for my child”
"My name is Mary, and I already had 1 child who was being raised by someone else. I love my child but don’t have a permanent place to live or employment. My boyfriend and I knew we could not parent a new child in our situation. We met the family we selected in advance and felt confident that we were doing the right thing both for our current child, and our unborn child. We wanted to do better in our lives and gain custody back of our older child. So we knew that making a plan to place our unborn child would be the best option. Note: In this story, the birth parents lost contact with our agency, but the adoptive family continues to send letters and photos to the birth grandparents."

“I wanted complete confidentiality, and they gave me exactly what I wanted”
"My name is Sally, and I hid my pregnancy from my family, friends, and co workers. I knew immediately I wanted to make an adoption plan. With the help of the agency I made an adoption plan and selected a family. The agency was in the hospital with me during the whole experience, maintaining my privacy, and keeping my information confidential from the adoptive parents. Maybe someday I will want to see photos of my child, but for now I am thankful that I had the support of the staff throughout this experience."

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