Harrisburg-Foster Care Case Manager

The Foster Care Case Manager will understand and accept the purpose of the Families United Network, Inc. and perform work requirements in a manner that will further the agency’s purpose. Basic values of this agency and its purpose include: honesty, respect for individual rights, full compliance with law and regulations, competence, professional development, and all traditional social work values of individualization, non-judgmental attitude, confidentiality, acceptance and self-determination. The Case Manager is responsible for being sensitive to problems and solving them in a resourceful way, for intelligently planning ahead to prevent problems and increase opportunities, and for going beyond mere compliance, obedience, and cooperation to active support, encouragement, and teamwork.


  • Report to the Program Office Supervisor.
  • Learn, understand, accept, and implement agency policy, applicable laws and regulations.
  • Attend required meetings, conferences, trainings, and other agency functions, as required.
  • Manage work time appropriately, be punctual for appointments, and complete assignments and reports on time.
  • Communicate fully, honestly, and clearly in a positive manner to further the agency’s purpose and promote cooperation and teamwork.
  • Ensure that all documentation, Progress Reports, Incident Reports, Social Summaries and other written reports are completed as required.
  • Ensure that all relevant parties are fully informed of important client issues in a timely manner.
  • Meet with families and children in care to monitor progress and adjustments in placement status.
  • Participate in, and provide leadership for, planning and implementing an excellent standard of care for children, including provisions of room, board, supervision, clothing, religious opportunities, social opportunities, recreation, education, and medical and dental care.
  • Assist and support resource families and children in developing relationships which will make possible and promote a safe, welcoming environment.
  • Participate in and provide leadership in planning and carrying out activities which will promote well-being, happiness, problem-solving abilities, and personal development for children in care.
  • Ensure that transportation is available as needed, or transport children and families when appropriate.
  • Maintain close involvement with children, birth families, and resource families in regards to solving interpersonal conflicts and developing and maintaining positive relationships.
  • Plan with children, resource families, birth families, and referring agencies in regards to visits, returns home, and other future plans.      
  • Monitor and supervise processes that will ensure goals are met.
  • Prepare written plans and coordinate their implementation and completion as required by agency policy and regulations.
  • Maintain complete, clear, comprehensive, neat, and organized child and family records in compliance with policies and regulations.
  • Participate in the process of accepting children referred for care in a manner which ensures that the needs, rights, and welfare of children and families are the first priority.  
  • Attend meetings and trainings for ongoing staff development.
  • Make plans, arrangements, and collateral contacts, or provide direct help through use of available resources to ensure that problems are solved and children receive medical care, dental care, education, religious opportunities, supervision, clothing, opportunities for contact with referring agencies, family visits, recreation, and social opportunities in compliance with all regulation and policy requirements.  
  • Participate actively in increasing available resources as indicated.
  • Relate to others in a manner which promotes cooperation and teamwork.
  • Evidence courtesy, respect, appropriate concern, friendliness and mature control of feelings and self in all interactions.
  • Make appropriate written suggestions for improvement in policies, when appropriate.
  • Provide for the safety and welfare of a child or children as would a parent.
  • Complete other tasks as assigned.
Job Info
Job Category: Youth Services
Job Type: Full-Time
Zipcode: 17110
Posted: 13-12-2021
Career Level: Manager
Required Travel:
Start Publishing: 13-12-2021
Stop Publishing: 14-03-2022


Bachelor’s degree required. Degree in social work or a related field preferred. Two years’ experience working with children and/or families preferred. Ability to form appropriate working relationships with adults and children from a variety of backgrounds. Ability to promote, encourage, and participate in team efforts. Ability to solve problems in a resourceful and appropriate way. Willingness to learn and develop professionally. Sensitivity to service population’s cultural and socioeconomic characteristics.

  • Eligibility under current PA legal and regulatory requirements
  • Valid PA Driver’s License
  • Child Abuse Clearance
  • State Police Clearance
  • FBI Clearance
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